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Are  you looking for a specific language service for your business or as an individual customer? Talkative can provide you with advice on a variety of English or Dutch language matters.  A few examples:

  • Are you learning Dutch or English and do you want to have a conversational partner with a linguistic background to practice with?
  • Do you want to learn English or Dutch from scratch with the help of private classes, in order for you to learn the language quickly and efficiently?
  • Would you like to work on your English or Dutch pronunciation?
  • Do you want your children to get to know the omnipresent English language at an early age?
  • Are you working on a business report, a master’s dissertation or any other kind of text in English or Dutch and would you like a professional to take a look at it?
  • Do you know how to write in English or Dutch, but do you find yourself having trouble speaking fluently or vice versa?
  • Do you want your team to be more proficient giving English business presentations or writing reports?
  • Do you find it difficult to use academic Dutch or English?
  • [your unique language request]

Below you can find a few of my past and current assignments:

  • English and Dutch language trainer at the Ghent University Language Centre
  • Dutch language trainer and job coach at Eurospeak NV and Actiris, Brussels: helping job-seekers to acquire professional Dutch language skills to help them in their search for a job
  • Dutch language trainer at LABS, Antwerp, working with EF exchange students
  • Business English Immersion Course for SBM at Syntra Kortrijk
  • Customised in-company language training, e.g. at Denys NV, PILZ and Honda
  • Freelance English and Dutch language trainer at BLCC and Talk Forum
  • Several individual language classes, e.g. a two-week immersion course in English for children moving abroad
  • Proofreading assignments, e.g. for TransPerfect Translations, Ghent University and private companies
  • Conversation groups to practice Dutch and English in an informal context. Do you want to know more or do you want to join?  [Contact us for more information!]